A Window And A Dream

The Chapel started with a window and a dream. The window was purchased over a year before the owner, Michael Gavin, purchased Bridgewater Hall. The window was originally from a historic church in Black Mountain that had been torn down. It was so beautiful and the church was so rich with history it was hard to resist.

Michael and his two sons, Mack and Jeff, moved in to Bridgewater Hall in June of 2018 and started renovations immediately on the old country store. The store was once a bustling general store and lifeblood of the community.  Abandoned decades ago, this humble structure had managed to remain standing despite mother nature and the ravages of time. Battered and scarred, the eyesore was about to be transformed into Bridgewater’s crown jewel, the Chapel. Half of the original structure had to be removed to restore the front. The back of the old store was completely dilapidated but Michael realized the window purchased from the Black Mountain church would be a perfect fit.

For seating, they acquired pews from a nearby church in Moganton. The old pump organ was from an old church in Asheville. The church replaced the pump organ in the 1940’s when they acquired a new electric model. They wanted to ensure the organ went to a nice home. Luckily, they felt the Bridgewater Chapel was the perfect place.

For weeks Michael and his sons sifted through the rubble trying to add all the pieces that were missing and refurbish the parts they we were keeping to the best of their abilities. They worked tirelessly, 14-hour days, to bring this structure to a place they now call the Chapel. It’s private, intimate and overlooks the rushing Catawba River.

Most recently they added a 20’ x 40’ covered deck to the back of the Chapel. It extends the small Chapel out closer to the river behind it and was built to last forever like relationships of the couples that say their vows there. This is an ideal location for family gatherings, small weddings and events. It’s a truly magical space where new meets old.

The huge decks is open and airy, built way up high, over-looking the river providing guests a place to relax and take in the fresh mountain air. Michael and his family love this outdoor addition and feel their guest will too.

Family in front of Chapel
The Chapel Door
Bridgewater Hall Design


Bridgewater Hall Historic Inn is rich with history dating back to 1781, making it the oldest home in Burke County. The main house has exquisite architecture and is surrounded by rustic trees, rolling hills and a rushing river. As you pull up, you’ll notice the 3 gables that were added to the house in the 1880’s that now have become it’s trademark. The main house has seen many addictions, improvements and added details over its 238 year history. Unique, rare features have been preserved inside and out. The floors, windows and doors are all original to the house. The interior is decorated in a light, country french style and includes antique European furniture making it the best kept secret in North Carolina.

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